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Food Grade Disposable Gloves


As a trusted PPE supplier in Australia, At-Call Safety has a wide selection of food grade disposable gloves. Our range includes nitrile, powder free, powdered, and latex disposable gloves.



Always complying with Australian industry standards, our food grade disposable gloves are 100% HACCAP Approved and ensure both Australian workers and residents are safe from contamination.

Supplying both powdered and powder-free gloves ensure there is no issue of powder contamination in food products.



To avoid contamination, it’s important for workplaces within the food industry to stock large quantities of food grade disposable gloves.

Workers may be tempted to use the same disposable gloves for long periods, but changing gloves frequently is the best way to make sure the food your handling and service is safe.

  • Disposable gloves should always be changed:
  • in-between handling food that is ready to eat and raw food
  • in-between doing different tasks
  • after taking the rubbish out
  • after cleaning, such as sweeping, mopping or doing dishes
  • after handling money
  • if the gloves tear or are visibly dirty



Our 100% Nitrile HACCAP approved food grade disposable gloves have three times more puncture resistance than latex or vinyl disposable gloves and offer protection from unwanted or dangerous substances.

For a quote on our selection of food grade disposable gloves, give us a call on 03 9747 9995.


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