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Sundstrom 315 Gas Filter ABE1

SKU: K315
Product Description:

For use with Sundstrom half and full face masks. For use against vapour from organic gases whose boiling point exceeds +65?C (150F), for inorganic gas, for acid gas/vapours.

Exposure/Use Guide for ABE1:

A1, Cyclohexane C6H12, 1,000 ppm > 95 min
B1, Chlorine Cl2, 1,000 ppm > 30 min
B1, Hydrogen Sulphide H2S, 1,000 ppm > 60 min
B1, Hydrogen Cyanide HCN, 1,000 ppm > 40 min
E1, Sulphur Dioxide SO2, 1,000 ppm > 30 min


Construction, manufacturing, chemical handling, emergency services, military, agricultural and laboratory


Approved to AS/NZS 1716:2003

Weight:   125 grams

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